As a professional athlete and coach, performance has been at the centre of Matt’s life. It didn’t take much investigating to understand how negative thoughts and feelings affect not only our performance, but ultimately, our life. Matt realised that finding the next level, is not just about skill and knowledge, but most importantly, state of mind.

In 2007, pro surfer Taylor Knox introduced Matt to Kelee Meditation. Soon after, Matt met the founder, Ron W. Rathbun.  Understanding the phenomenon known as The Kelee helps us distil our natural talent to it’s purest point – as well as detach from fear, mindless brain chatter and negative thoughts and feelings within. Teaching Kelee Meditation is now at the centre of Matt’s life and coaching.

The roots of the Kelee date back three thousand years in ancient Sanskrit. Its definition means, “having to do with different states of mind or point hunter.” The word Kelee is also in Greek and Hebrew and translates as vessel or receptacle.

This vessel—your Kelee—is a place where you can take bad things out and put good things in. Everyone has felt, at one time or another, emotion—good and bad—well up from within their Kelee. Kelee meditation will give you practical ways to understand your conscious awareness and how your thoughts influence the direction of your life. You will learn where your troubling thoughts reside and how to dissipate them with a practice that takes about five minutes, twice a day.

Kelee meditation will show you the ground-breaking difference between your brain and your mind and how differently they operate. If you would like to explore the deepest reaches of your mind and open to the true power of your thoughts, understanding the basic principles of your Kelee is the place to start.

For more information about Kelee Meditation, please see our dedicated KELEE MEDITATION WEBSITE and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.