Nature Of Success Corporate Coaching

Working with high calibre athletes and executives, Matt Griggs has built a holistic program called, ‘The Nature of Success’. ‘Nature’ meaning your intrinsic value and ‘Success’ (from the Latin) “to go on well,” or “to go after”. ‘The Nature of Success’ corporate program provides a map to understanding your intrinsic value, creates a state of mind that is focused and fearless + teaches the performance tools to achieve success based on World Champion methods.


  • ∞ Create the conditions for growth, inside (state of mind) and out (people, places and things)
  • ∞ Encourage authenticity and empower individual self-expression to add to the collective without fear
  • ∞ Evolve work place culture towards care and collaboration, not fear and competition
  • ∞ Understand and execute what it takes to perform in an elite environment and achieve success without compromising health and happiness


  • ∞ A focused work force = no wasted time = no wasted money
  • ∞ A harmonious work place culture = the attraction and retention of talent
  • ∞ High performing individuals = high performing company
  • ∞ A healthier workforce = less absenteeism


∞ Group coaching can be done via zoom or intimate face-to-face (no more then 7) or in larger formats in workshop/webinar style.


“You’re changing lives. Killing it here in LA this week – I have more confidence and calm since working with you.  I feel I can take on anything work throws at me. The team are emailing me saying their session today was great – overwhelming for some, I know they are all processing some big learning’s today. Thank-you!”

Kim McKay / Klick PR / CEO

“I asked Matt to deliver a ‘Nature of Success’ workshop for the Mango team as part of our personal development training. We learned how to maximise performance both in our work and personal lives through some simple but effective tools that are relevant to both elite sportspeople and high achievers in the corporate world. In short, it was fantastic. Matt is a super smart and very down to earth individual and we felt lucky that he imparted his wisdom onto us!”

Claire Salvetti / Ex Mango PR Managing Director 

Matts ability to identify, understand and focus on what matters to you at any point in time, is at a level I have never experienced before. His Personal high performance coaching was booked with the intention of assisting with the challengers life was delivering whilst juggling a demanding business/ career. The techniques Matt has armed me with have had a greater effect than I could have ever imagined for. His guidance is also something I don’t believe myself or my team could have received elsewhere. For this I am forever grateful.

Steve Thomas / Principle Bell Property Manly

How to get started?

Please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting ( to see how we could potentially do work together.


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Owen Hayford
Partner, Legal at PwC Australia specialising in infrastructure, transport and procurement
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Innovative Real Estate Property Online Marketing
John McGrath
Founder of McGrath Estate Agents
Miles Williams
General Manager - Experience, Capability & Transformation BUPA
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Head of Australian Equities, BlackRock
Steve Thomas
Principle Bell Property Manly
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Ex CEO Facebook Australia/New Zealand