What compromises performance is either misunderstandings, non-understandings, fear, or fatigue. Often, all of the above.

The Nature of Success was born in the realisation that the World of high performance seemed to be partly infected with disharmony and discontent, polluting its purity and compromising it’s potential. Having been fully immersed in that World, as a both a professional surfer and coach, founder Matt Griggs, was noticing outward results at an inward expense. Many people were performing at a very high level, but it was often coming at an inward cost, including stress, burnout, depression and anxiety…  and these mental viruses starting within individuals were slowly infecting the people around them. Our culture seemed driven by an instinctive model of survival of the fittest – the dog-eat-dog World of competition, further limited by inefficient belief systems, brain chatter, fragmented focus and an unspoken and subconscious fear of not being good enough. This drove a prove yourself mentality, that is more about how it looks then how it is… of being “busy” rather then productive… of self-sacrifice, self-created personality traits and a roller coaster ride of emotions, that went up and down with winning and losing and people’s opinions. There had to be a better way!


All problems stop where understanding starts. We understand the biggest influence on our health and performance is our state of mind. In fact, around 80%, so our program mirrors this. While we address physical health and the missing peak performance protocols to promote success, the backbone of The Nature of Success program is centred in evolving our state of mind. We do this via the anatomy of the Kelee® and a 5-10min practice of Kelee® meditation and self-reflection. This helps high performance people detach from subconscious conditioning, inefficient belief systems and fear and evolve into higher states of awareness and performance. In essence, we are helping people be better, not just do better.

Refined over many years, the program focuses on a foundation of self-awareness which inspires purpose,  peak performance habits and goals for direction and a strong mind/body connection that has the will power and physical energy to compete at a high level without breaking.

Since it is based in universal and natural principles, the coaching methodology works with everyone from professional athletes to businessman, or anyone seeking personal development.  If you’re interested in a deeper understanding of the mind, coupled with physical health and peak performance, to become better not only at what you do, but more importantly, who you are, this program is for you.

The Program can be delivered in person or via conference call, privately, or in groups from small teams to large organisations. Go to the drop down to explore what best suits you, or enquire now.