Our Purpose

To enlighten self-awareness and empower individual self-expression towards an evolved and more harmonious performance, empowered with purpose and well-being & detached from stress and fear.

Our Programs

Our holistic coaching programs and experiences are based in universal principles that can work for anyone in any field. Designed to bring awareness to your own unique qualities and inspire greater purpose to your performance, the self-reflective program arms you with the knowledge, skills and state of mind that complete your high performance puzzle, but most importantly, do it in a way that makes you feel good about who you are, not just what you are doing. The program brings awareness to what helps you, with tools to detach from what hinders you, so you may work towards a more pure performance in all areas of your personal and professional life.

Our Point of Difference

There are two points to everything in life. There is what you are working with (people, places and things) and there is where you are working from (state of mind).  We understand the biggest influence on our health and performance is our state of mind. In fact, around 80%, so our program mirrors this. While we address physical health and peak performance protocols to promote success, the backbone of The Nature of Success program is centred in evolving our state of mind. We do this via the anatomy of the Kelee® and a 5-10min practice of Kelee® meditation and self-reflection. This helps high performance people detach from subconscious conditioning, inefficient belief systems and fear and evolve into higher states of awareness and performance.

Our People

The Nature of Success High Performance Coaching with Matt Griggs

Matt Griggs and the Nature of Success story

Director and Head Coach

Matt is a Holistic High Performance Coach, hailing from Sydney, Australia. A former professional surfer himself, Matt, now 45, has since coached World champions, Australasian champions, published 2 best-sellers, coached and lectured on performance to many leading executives and professional sporting groups world-wide. He had learned how to do things very well, but like most people, was starting to realise it was the being (state of mind) side of things that needed more attention.  So he began to explore the inside world of the mind and the simple art of living, not just performing.

Driven by his personal fascination with spirituality and philosophy, Matt quit his job on the World Surfing Tour In 2008 and spent 4-5 years in quiet contemplation in the Royal National Park, just south of his home Sydney. For half a day every day, Matt explored the nature of life, success, the detachment of suffering and how to live a life of high performance, without compromising yourself in the process. This, coupled with his experience in the world of elite performance, would become the inspiration for his programs around The Nature of Success.

Matt is also the director of the Kelee® Foundation Australia, a unique understanding and training of the mind via meditation that helps people detach from disharmonious thoughts and emotions and open their natural ability to its purist point.

Matt has a 360-degree view of performance, programs and methodologies that begin with self-awareness and enable his clients to go after what it is they feel most drawn to in life, with more awareness and less fear. Matt works with everyone from professional athletes to businessman. He lives in Cronulla with his wife Kate and two sons. When he is not teaching about the nature of the mind and performance, he can still be found in the Royal National park, or on his balcony at home, in deep contemplation, studying it himself.

The Nature of Success Self Awareness Wellbeing Performance with Kate Griggs

Kate Griggs

General Manager and Coach

Kate grew up in the Blue Mountains on a ‘Wild-Life Park’ with alternative parents who meditated regularly. If she wasn’t riding horses she was completing her Ballet Australasia exams. At the young age of 17 Kate left the country to pursue her dancing career and worked in theatres all over the world. Her love for the ‘Arts’ led her to study Photojournalism where she became a producer for the Ch9 Network. Kate managed international stars and produced their segments for ‘Morning With Kerri-Anne’ and various other LIVE broadcasts. 

Looking to expand her career Kate left TV to become the ‘Head of Events and Experiential’ for leading PR Agency ZING. Transitioning her skills to manage large events for AMEX, Telstra, Optus, SONY, LEGO, COKE and many more well known brands. 

Whilst climbing the corporate ladder Kate’s calling to return to nature, meditation and yoga became more apparent. She had completed her Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training course in India at the age of 19 so this enabled her to teach yoga at night at Bondi’s ‘Dharma Shala’.

Whilst working at ZING Kate was given the opportunity to have a Life-Coach which is where she discovered her main block in her performance was how to be at her best in any situation, whether that’s teaching yoga or producing a multi-million dollar event. 

It wasn’t until Kate was introduced to Kelee©️Meditation that those blocks in her performance started to dissipate. Through the understanding of Kelee’s basic principles she was able to practically apply these realisations and understanding to her performance. 

In 2011 the Founder of Kelee©️Meditation, Ron W. Rathbun asked Kate if she would like to teach the practice. This opportunity catapulted Kate into her teaching and coaching career. For the last 10 years Kate has been studying and teaching alongside her husband, Matt Griggs, the Director of The Nature of Success and Kelee©️Foundation Australia. Matt and Ron have been profound teachers and mentors in her development. When Kate isn’t coaching or producing events her time is spent being a mother to two very busy little boys.

The Nature of Success Self Awareness Wellbeing Performance Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox

Iconic Pro surfer, Kelee® Meditation Teacher + Coach

Taylor Knox is an iconic professional surfer from the USA. Taylor spent decades on the World Tour, winning multiple events and inspiring surfers all over the World in competition and video appearances. He is also an experienced Kelee® Meditation practitioner, (over 20 years) founder of Arc Method (an online physical training program) and a mentor on our international tours. TK’s bright and adventurous spirit, fun-loving sense of humour and depth of knowledge and experience at the most elite level of professional sport, brings colour, depth and star quality to our programs.

The Nature of Success Coach Will Hayes

Will Hay

Coach and Program Facilitator

Will has spent over 15 years successfully leading teams and organisations across multiple industries and countries. He understands the challenges of working in rapidly changing environments from start-ups to large multinationals.

As Will’s career progressed, he became aware that many of his beliefs and habits such as fear of making a mistake and trying to keep everyone happy (to name a couple!) were behind hours of unnecessary work, thinking and negative emotions. Will tried different things to break the cycle with limited success. 

In 2012 Will was introduced to the Nature of Success Program and Kelee® meditation. This had a profound impact on his professional and personal life. “It gave me a clear way to let go of the things that were blocking my performance and develop a calm and curious approach to work and life which continues to evolve today.” Since then, he’s enjoyed developing a wide range of people.

Will naturally combines his calm curious approach and understanding of the program with his own real-world experiences.  He loves helping people achieve their goals their way as smoothly as possible.

The Pillars