Matt Griggs Flow


Are you fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, complete presence and enjoyment of your daily pursuits? 

If you’re like 32% of the disengaged work force out there, probably not. So how do we become more mentally engaged and experience this greater connection, not just to your work, but more importantly, your life?

Everyone has felt that “flow” before, usually in fleeting moments only, that once met with investigation via the intellect, are instantly lost! The reason is simple. The zone is not in your brain, where the intellect resides. This (brain function) is where your memories and programs are, associated with thinking, analysation and conception. You don’t think the zone, you feel it. Feeling happens in the mind, where a relaxed state of perception and innate knowing happen. When you know what to do, you don’t have to stop and think about it, you know and you go. This is the flow – no break between perception and action and no disconnection between being and doing. To be fully immersed in the moment is to be present in it, not distracted by self-doubt or fear, which is usually the main culprit to flow. Fear puts you in freeze, fight or flight mode and while the intellectually elite may justify over-thinking as procrastination, in reality, it’s avoidance… it’s fear, which breaks the flow.

If you want to not only perform, but live in a flow state, you will need to learn to get out of your head, detach from fear and train your mind to be open to each moment without fearing it. The Kelee© gives you a road map to not only understanding the different functions of the mind, via the basic principles of the Kelee©, but a way (Kelee meditation) to train yourself to not only perform from the zone in the moments that matter, but ultimately to live from the zone, because every moment matters.