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***UPDATE: Due to COVID19 Matt Griggs will not be able to attend this tour. We are hoping in 2023 our Nicaragua Tour will continue with both Matt and Taylor together.

Tour location: 

We are looking at returning to this tour in the future so stay tuned. 


“A life changing surf trip, I learnt so much surfing – but more importantly I learnt a lot about myself. So much more than a ‘surf trip’. Matt and Taylor’s knowledge and coaching skills in surfing is outweighed only by their wisdom and teachings of Kelee meditation, and their ability to help others truly understand themselves.”

“Blown away by my first experience with Kelee, taught by Matt and Taylor. These two guys come at this week with open hearts and goodness to share with everyone. All in all, the work on land, on ourselves and understanding our mind, was the highlight for me. Ohhh… and the surfing instruction was amazing too.” 🙂

“Would love to see this tour back at Malibu Popoyo in 2020.”

“The “Nature of Success Tour” with Matt & Taylor was a highlight to my year. It was awesome to take the time to learn and open the mind, meditate and plan for a better future. I would highly recommend the program to family, friends and colleagues looking for personal development while tying in with a surf trip.”